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Never before was a process of writing up doctoral thesis so convenient and comfortable. The level of effort and workload depends on you. You will work with ready modules and choose the topic of your doctoral thesis, as well as the materials and techniques to use in writing it. After graduation you will be awarded the Diploma of the British Business Academy and issued the Qualifying Certificate of the European Economic Committee. Our alumni site gives you access to our international network and email for life.


Welcome to London 2020

We invite Our Students to visit exhibitions, forums and conferences within the framework of Educational travel to the United Kingdom, organised by the British Business Academy. Visa support, flights, transfers, accommodation, meals, participation in events, cultural programme and assistance with translation will be arranged according to your request. Please see schedule of events for 2020 For students only.


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In some countries, especially the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and some Scandinavian, Commonwealth nations, or former USSR and other Socialist Bloc countries, there is a higher tier of research doctorates, awarded on the basis of a formally submitted portfolio of published research of a very high standard. Examples include the Doctor of Sciences and Doctor of Letters degrees found in the UK, Ireland and some Commonwealth countries, and the traditional doctorates in Norway and Denmark, like dr.Theology, dr.Law, dr.Medicine and dr.Philosophy.


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