The British Business Academy invites top managers to take industry exams in the EU-NQF system of international manager certification in accordance with the qualification standards of the European Economic Committee. In 2007, the European Economic Committee – created by international financial institutions and expert groups from European Union countries to implement social and economic programmes – backed the process of creating national qualification structures in a number of countries, including the Russian Federation (the initiative was approved by the President of the Russian Federation in 2011 as a National System of Qualification and Competences (NSQC)), and accredited a number of international organizations to develop such programmes.

The European Economic Committee, which has accredited its certification standards in the European Union, acts as the authorized partner of certification sessions in the East and Wes Europe. The exam tasks offer, in electronic form, a regularly-updated European model of actual requirements for the theoretical knowledge and practical skills applied in the daily activities of company managers and business owners. Successful passing of the qualification exam confirms the professional status of a certified specialist and warrants the possibility of applying his or her expertise and knowledge in international projects.

Every personalized certificate features three degrees of protection, a hologram, and the stamp of the certification programme. The certification programme supports the monitoring of the qualification level of managers and other leaders of the international business community and facilitates the securing of the best vacancies and career-growth opportunities by certified specialists in any country of the European Union.

European managers who have successfully passed the qualification exam at (at least) Expert Level C can study at the British Business Academy under any DBA programmes of their choice on preferential (grant) terms.

Company managers wishing to pass industry attestation and obtain a qualification certificate from the European Economic Committee in may apply to the BBA UK Registration Form. The BBA UK entail signing a contract with an individual or company to pass certification, gaining access to the electronic form of qualification attestation tasks on the Internet, checking and publishing results of the qualification exam. Details of managers who have passed the certification are entered in the European Manager Register.

The EU-NQF certification procedure and entry of personal data in the European Manager Register require a registration fee of EURO 480.

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