British Business Academy takes part in the Graduates Employment Program. There are UK partner companies interested in our specialists. Currently, due to the tightening of UK immigration system, Academy partners use Tier 2 sponsorship visa - an invitation from the employer confirming readiness to provide employee with certificate of sponsorship. This program successfully operates since 2014 for citizens of Eastern Europe, and starting from September 2015 - opens for Russia citizens.

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Any consultations are available by e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Companies providing job to our graduates are mostly located in London, South East of England (Portsmouth, Reading, Southampton, Oxford). Further you can find samples of vacancies and annual income, which could be offered by British Business Academy partners:

Innovation Management & IT
  • IT Manager £ 60 000- £ 90 000
  • Engineer £ 45 000- £ 60 000
  • Scientist £ 28 000- £ 42 000
Advertising Technologies
  • Marketing Manager £ 40 000- £ 45 000
  • Senior Marketing Manager £ 80 000- £ 110,000
Chief Executive Officer
  • Economist £ 35 000- £ 48 000
  • Executive Director £ 60 000- £ 100,000
Corporate Governance
  • Group Company Secretary £ 90 000- £ 140 000
  • Deputy Company Secretary £ 80 000- £ 100 000
  • Assistant Company Secretary £ 60 000- £ 70 000
  • Company Secretarial Assistant £ 35 000- £ 50 000

Work in the UK could be the next step in your career, the first step in starting your own business. It can be a private company, shop or restaurant. Just go for it and you will succeed!

Welcome to London 2020

We invite Our Students to visit exhibitions, forums and conferences within the framework of Educational travel to the United Kingdom, organised by the British Business Academy. Visa support, flights, transfers, accommodation, meals, participation in events, cultural programme and assistance with translation will be arranged according to your request. Please see schedule of events for 2020 For students only.


Learn more about Doctorate

In some countries, especially the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and some Scandinavian, Commonwealth nations, or former USSR and other Socialist Bloc countries, there is a higher tier of research doctorates, awarded on the basis of a formally submitted portfolio of published research of a very high standard. Examples include the Doctor of Sciences and Doctor of Letters degrees found in the UK, Ireland and some Commonwealth countries, and the traditional doctorates in Norway and Denmark, like dr.Theology, dr.Law, dr.Medicine and dr.Philosophy.


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