For East Europe only

There is a special programme of the European Economic Committee to provide grants for educational programmes of the British Business Academy. Each student has an opportunity to be awarded with individual grant for DBA programme. During registration of the application form for  the study grant at  the British Business Academy your will have to pass EEC Qualifying Test through Electronic Attestation System of the British Business Academy on this site.
In case of negative result you will have no opportunity to take the EEС Qualifying Test again.
In case of positive result you will be awarded the grant for the specialism, which was the topic of the test.
The grant is awarded automatically to holders of Qualifying Certificates of the European Economic Committee, which can be received by participants in the programme called National Qualifications Framework from 2008 up to the present time. Value of the grant is 21,000 GBP.
The above preferential programme does not include seminars, training sessions  and master-classes nor the UK neither in the USA.

The order of official registration of documents to apply for the grant:

1. Registration on this official website for getting access to a personal cabinet;
2. Filling out the application of the recipient;
3. Passing of the EEС Qualifying Test on this website;
4. Getting confirmation of the positive decision and the admission to registration of the Contract for study in the British Business Academy using European Economic Committee privilege.

History and Idea

European Economic Committee is an international public organization founded as public assembly by the Registration report dated January, 1, 1998 on the territory of Great Duchy Luxembourg. The Mission of the European Economic Committee is to support development programmes for the  European society in improving economic environment. The structure of the European Economic Committee includes  Department of Investment Programmes, Department of Education Projects, and  Department of Innovative Programmes.

This year study grants in doctoral studies are available to applicants from East Europe accept Russia. The European Economic Committee is authorized to award study grants for training in doctoral studies to executives of European companies who successfully passed a qualification examination in EU-NQF Standard System.

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