Dear friends,

I am genuinely happy to welcome you to the website of the British Business Academy.

Each of you has special value to the Academy as a business-community leader and unique person in need of personal development.

Coming to the Academy, doctoral students hope to gain new business tools, structure the knowledge they already have, and discover their potential for future achievement. The Academy will assist and support you during the entire period of your studies.

During their studies at the Academy, our doctoral students dedicate themselves to unique research projects in various business fields, helping to maintain the high academic reputation of our institution. All research papers are published in full or in part as the Academy’s reports.

As you know, the British Business Academy engages in research and educational activities designed to develop cutting-edge forms and methods of training today’s top management. The Academy’s graduates lead small, medium and big businesses throughout the world.

The Academy uses modern technologies of e-training, allowing its students to study the best practices of corporate governance, banking law, methods of innovation management, to grasp the secrets of advertising and branding and, finally, of managing companies of any size. Your choice is a good choice, since the Academy offers you educational programmes of a truly exceptional calibre; it can become your compass in the world of business, while its graduates can become your friends and reliable business partners.

I wish you good luck in your studies and future success.

Dr. Alex Morrigan, Principal
British Business Academy Research and Teaching International

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