Industry: Banking, Finance, Investments
Dates: 11-12 February 2020

Event description:
CFO Exchange is a unique platform for CFOs from some of the world’s leading corporations to meet with their peers, investors, regulators and expert consultants and solutions providers to find new and innovative ways to drive their business forward.
The CFO has emerged as one of the most important business functions within the organisation, more so after the global economic downturn. Although there are challenges ahead in terms of talent management, overcoming regulatory issues, creating an ideal capital structure and improving financial planning, there are lucrative market opportunities for growth as well. They include capitalising on emerging markets, opportunities in M&A, diversification in existing markets and building the right tools to ensure effective implementation of the growth strategy. The conference is a perfect setting for CFOs to network, debate and develop effective business strategies.
Round table discussions, seminars and practical master classes will be held during the conference. There is also an opportunity to take part in one-on-one business meetings with interested partners.

Main features:
•    Growth strategies
•    Investing in emerging markets
•    Risk management, forecasting, innovative planning
•    Tax and regulatory issues
•    Change processes in the financial sector - methods of planning and management
•    Reporting and fraud mitigation
•    The interaction of financial departments with other departments in the company
•    Outsourcing planning
•    Recruitment and retention of talents in the financial sector, effective system of incentives for company staff

Target audience:
•    Finance directors and managers
•    Financial advisors
•    Bankers

For visiting the conference, please contact the Training Programme Office of BBA UK

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