Marketing and Advertising

There is Department of practical research of Advertising Technologies and Department of the Advertising Technologies doctoral studies at the faculty now. Since 2008, the programme of distant learning  at doctoral studies level has been offered in  English, French and Russian languages. The Advertising Technologies programme is perfect for people who are naturally creative, enjoy working with people, and are highly energetic. Candidates who report the greatest satisfaction with Advertising Technologies programme are focused on a specific career path and are willing to work long hours to advance their careers.

An advertising firm typically expects its staff to be available outside regular office hours and to be flexible when working with clients. People who report the greatest satisfaction with Advertising Technologies programme have a clear idea what they want to learn and are focused on that goal. It is sometimes difficult for creative people to translate their talents into employment opportunities, especially in a closely management environment, such as an advertising agency. Advertising Technologies programme now offers courses in the work environment to prepare students for the formal structure and rules that are very common in business.

Supervisors of studies and coordinators of projects of Faculty

Dean of Faculty
Dr.Arthur Robson

Managing Faculty
Dr.Dr.John Penhalagen, Advertising Technologies Dept.

Coordinator of education programme for West Europe
Dr.Juliet Fourche

Coordinator of education programme for East Europe
Dr.Yosif Golman

Coordinator of projects of the European Economic Committee
Bernard Monk

For more information about Teaching and Research
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