Our First Faculty

There are three departments  in the CEO Faculty now - Scientific Research Department which presents materials for education programmes of doctoral studies, department of the international doctoral studies of business management and department of management for non-profit organizations. Since 2006, the Faculty has prepared more than three hundred managers of the supreme administrative level (Doctoral studies DBA).

In 2009, started the programme of distant learning  in English, French and Russian languages at the Faculty. This programme is partly financed through grants of the European Economic Committee. Candidates for doctor's degree study receive the experience of independent scientific research under supervising of highly qualified teachers. Authors of the most interesting and perspective dissertational works under the invitation of the British Business Academy participate in scientific - practical conferences and international forums.

Supervisors of studies and coordinators of projects of Faculty

Dean of Faculty
Dr.Mark Terrill

Managing Faculty
Dr.Andrew Hoffman, Chief Executive Officer Dept.
Dr.Thomas Herd, Corporate Branding Dept.
Dr. Wong Lee, Chief Digital and Executive Officer Dept.

Coordinator of education programme for West Europe
Dr.René Moore

Coordinator of education programme for East Europe
Vladimir Zhiltsov

Coordinator of projects of the European Economic Committee
Benjamin Gallagher

For more information about Teaching and Research
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