From Innovation Management to Innovation Company

There are Department of practical research of innovation technologies and Department of the international doctoral studies of Innovation Management in the organization at the faculty now. Since 2008, the program of distant learning at doctoral studies level has been offered in  English, French and Russian languages.

Up to the present time, the Faculty has prepared about four hundred managers of the supreme administrative level (doctoral studies DBA) with specialism in Innovation Management in the company. Source of finance for all the programmes is the Fund of innovation research of the European Economic Committee.

Supervisors of studies and coordinators of projects of Faculty

Dean of Faculty
Dr.Luke Flasi

Managing Faculty
Dr.Sean Danning, Innovation Management Dept.

Managing Faculty
Dr. Thomas McFerson, Innovation Research Dept.

Coordinator of education programme for West Europe
Jean Cloud Nuarie

Coordinator of education programme for East Europe
Dmitry Khomutsky

Coordinator of projects of the European Economic Committee
Anna Crause

For more information about Teaching and Research
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